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2015 Thin HID Kit AC 35w 3x Brighter than Halogen
2015 Thin HID Kit AC 55w 5x Brighter than Halogen

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What bulb is your Vehicle/Motorcycle using?
Please refer to your Operation Manual or remove the bulb to find the right bulb for your Vehicle/Motorcycle. There are multiple options for your vehicle based on time of year made, model, options or other reasons that cause for your vehicle/motorcycle to have more than one choice.

HID Bulb Color: (6000K is Best Seller)

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Motorcycle hid bulb HID Error Canceller HID Extension Wire
Motorcycle HID Bulb
Retail List Price: $99.99
Wholesale Price: $12.99
Savings: $87.00

HID Error Canceller
Retail List Price: $16.99
Wholesale Price: $7.99
Savings: $9.00

HID Extension Wire
Retail List Price: $8.99
Wholesale Price: $3.99
Savings: $5.00

Included: 1x Xenon HID Bulbs Fix computer controlled unit, often there is an error code showing on the dash board or the HID lights keep flicking and would not stay on. This is due to the fact that the HID kit is triggering a bulb out warning signal in your car's computer control unit. Use this wire that can extend from Ballast to the Bulb
motorcycle Xenon HID Kit D2 Wire Harness hid bulb
Motorcycle Slim HID Kit
Retail List Price: $159.99
Wholesale Price: $29.99
Savings: $130.00

D2 Wire Harness
Retail List Price: $23.99
Wholesale Price: $9.99
Savings: $14.00

HID Bulb
Retail List Price: $99.99
Wholesale Price: $18.99
Savings: $81.00

Motorcycle HID Kit Included: 1x Digital Ballasts, 1 Xenon HID Bulbs plus all the necessary accessories These can be used to power your aftermarket HID projectors with D2R/S/C HID Bulbs. Allows you to use aftermarket ballast with your factory HID Bulbs, no need to buy expensive Ballast or Cables. Included: 2x Xenon HID Bulbs

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Thin HID Kit

Retail List Price: $599.99
Wholesale Price: $49.99
Savings: $550.00
Thin Xenon HID Kit
Thin HID Kit Included: 2x Digital Ballasts, 2 Xenon HID Bulbs plus all the necessary accessories